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July 18, 2012
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Control Pad for Adobe Captivate 6 Released
July 20, 2012
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Launch Pad Updated for Captivate 6

We have just released an update to the Launch Pad menu program for Adobe Captivate 6. This new version is tested in all major browsers using Flash 10 and 11 and is ready for prime time.

What is the Launch Pad?

The Launch Pad for Adobe Captivate is a framework to deploy multiple Adobe Captivate movies within one web page. The Launch Pad uses a combination of XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to dynamically load published Captivate SWF files into a DIV tag. You simply publish your movies into the Launch Pad’s “Flash” folder and then edit the HTML page and menu links. The Page is fully customizable for your logo, color scheme, and brand standards.

Version 1.04 Change Log:

  • Updated for Adobe Captivate 6 and Flash 11.
  • Included example Captivate SWF files that use custom Backgrounds and Playbars from our Enhancement Pack product.
  • Updated default Flash player to 11.
  • Updated Instruction Guide.