Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate templates, playbars, media, and other enhancement products


Adobe Captivate is a powerful software tool that creates system simulations and informational movies with text, audio, screen captures, animations, images, branching, and interactivity. Captivate’s rich feature set and authoring environment includes a timeline, buttons, hotspots, mouseovers, built-in audio recorder (and editor), branching, and navigation systems that allow developers to construct:

  • interactive software simulations
  • system demonstrations
  • training exercises
  • soft skills training
  • software tutorials, tours, and walk-thrus
  • scenario-based instruction
  • performance support content
  • quizzes
  • product overviews
  • slide shows
  • marketing materials

KCWebPlaza Adobe Captivate Products

KCWebPlaza offers a variety of products for Adobe Captivate, including templates, playback controls, and media. These supplemental tool provide valuable resources for developers to enhance their presentations, improve the usability for end-users, and streamline the development process.

News and Updates

Update: Adobe Captivate 9!
We’re currently updating all of our products for the recent Adobe Captivate version 9 release. We’re adding more designs, features, and more options for your projects! Final releases are expected on September 13.

Product Listing

Section Template

The Section Template provides users with menus to navigate through the sections and/or slides of your presentation. The template is organized into sections – with each section having several slides. Users can navigate to the sections using the button provided, and once inside a section, use the page forward/back buttons. A Main Menu button is available to bring them back to the beginning of the presentation. An Exit button calls custom javascript code to close the browser window (with no security dialog window).

Section Template for Adobe Captivate
Page Turner Template

Designed for presentations where the user clicks through page-by-page (or slide by slide). The Page Turner template includes navigation buttons (Back, Next), a layout that is brandable with your logo and colors, placeholders for your text and image content, header/footer areas, and a copyright notice.

Page Turner Template for Adobe Captivate
Enhancement Pack

Enhance your Captivate projects with a library of over 1500 files – backgrounds, captions, buttons, playback control bars, arrows, bullets, icons, header backgrounds, media frames, numbers, circles, squares, copyright watermarks, textures, and sounds.

Enhancement Pack for Adobe Captivate
Control Pad

The Control Pad for Adobe Captivate replaces the standard Captivate playbar with an advanced JavaScript tool. With the Control Bar you’ll get all the standard features of the default Captivate playbar, plus many new features! You can control which buttons appear, their order, and their exact size and appearance.

Control Pad for Adobe Captivate
Launch Pad

The Launch Pad for Adobe Captivate is a framework to deploy multiple Adobe Captivate movies within one web page. The Launch Pad dynamically loads your published Captivate movies into a designated content area. You simply publish your movies to a designated folder and then edit the menu links.

Launch Pad for Adobe Captivate

Lifetime License

All of our products now include a free lifetime license. You purchase the product once, and you’re entitled to free upgrades to each version we release. Worried about upgrading to Captivate 5 or version 6 when it’s released? Well don’t – we’ll provide a free upgrade to you.