Adobe Captivate 6 Review by RJ Jacquez

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July 11, 2012
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July 20, 2012
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Adobe Captivate 6 Review by RJ Jacquez

I’ve found most reviews for Adobe Captivate 6 are generally “moderately positive”. Nearly all reviews I’m reading posted by actual elearning content developers who use the tool give it a mixed review. I came across an interesting review posted by RJ Jacquez, the ex-Adobe Captivate Senior Product Evangalist.

In his “Honest Assessment”, he says he was involved in establishing the initial features/requirements, but that “almost nothing I thought would be in the product ended up making in Adobe Captivate 6”. After using the product, he comments, “my first impressions unfortunately aren’t positive, to me the product feels half-baked, almost rushed”. Some areas where RJ believes Captivate 6 falls short of his expectations were the UI, Mobile platform, Cloud computing, and advanced interaction design.

I have to say as an old Authorware developer, I’m still hoping Captivate would get some of the features we had years ago, such as more options for Text Entry interactions. How about being able to publish Demos (passive movie) and Simulations (requires user action) from the same source file (not recording), such as Oracle UPK does. How about a richer API for Widgets? A more robust community developing Widgets would surely strengthen the market share of Captivate.

Like many others, I’ll take Captivate 6 for what it is – a step forward, but disappointing it didn’t meet our full list of expectations.