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September 6, 2011
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September 14, 2011
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Oracle UPK version 11.0 update

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) is an enterprise-level training application with features to create and deploy system training, documentation, and performance support.

New features of the 11.0 version include:

  • Knowledge Pathways content development system renamed “Knowledge Center”. This tool is now integrated into UPK Developer and provides various content development tools.
  • Two new document types, Questions and Assessments have been added to Developer. A full featured Question Editor has been added to Developer that enables authors to create multiple assessment question types including: true/false, multiple choice (single and multiple answers), in, hotspot, matching, Know It! and user defined.
  • Recording – Recording environments have been expanded to enable authors to record with object and context recognition in the Mozilla Firefox browser as well as in 64-bit applications and operating systems.
  • Sound – a sound tuning wizard has been added to the sound recorder/editor component. And, a sound by mode topic property enables authors to select which player modes sound should play back in to customize select outputs with sound.
  • Learning Management System Integration Enhancements – including the LMS Play Modes property enabling an author to select which play modes a topic is available in when played from an LMS.
  • Technology and Performance – Optimized Library performance for Check-in, Check-out, Get and Cancel operations when working with larger number of documents.