Library of media elements for Adobe Captivate

KCWebPlaza’s Enhancement Pack for Adobe Captivate contains an extenstive library of media files that integrates directly with Adobe Captivate. Developers can use these media elements – which include buttons, text captions, backgrounds, control bars, sounds, icons, shapes, and more – to enhance the visual design and training effectiveness of their Adobe Captivate solutions.

The Enhancement Pack is specifically designed to integrate directly with Adobe Captivate. We’ve taken great care to both produce and package the product to ensure using this product for your Adobe Captivate solutions are as easy as possible – including file format, transparancy, file size, and file naming conventions, and folder location.

During installation the Enhancement Pack files are copied into the appropriate folders of Captivate Program Files directories. This makes all of the Enhancement Pack resources available within the standard Captivate authoring menus. For example, to insert a button or text caption from the Enhancement Pack simply select Insert > Button… or Insert > Text Caption… To insert a background, arrow, number, square, icon, or circle, select Insert > Image… and browse to Enhancement Pack folder located within Captivate’s default Gallery folder.

Included Elements

The Enhancement Pack comes with over 2200 files! Here’s a list of what is included:

Color Scheme

Our 11-color color scheme was designed to improve the contrast and readability of your design elements. The vibrant colors are coordinated within an organized technical color pattern – so they can be used alone or mixed together within the same presentation or slide.

11-color Color Scheme

Enhancement Pack vs Standard Captivate 9 Installation

Element Enhancement Pack Captivate 9
Backgrounds 412? 14
Buttons 316 12
Icons 126 18
All Items Description Your Total:

What’s New in Version 9?

  • Instruction Guide re-written. Steps verified for Captivate 9. Screen captures included to illustrate instructions.
  • Labels – new media type.
  • Buttons – new design that uses theme colors.
  • More backgrounds,

Tutorial Movies

Adobe Captivate Enhancement Pack Tutorial Movie

Watch a Captivate movie walks through the categories of media elements available in the Enhancement Pack.
Screencast for Adobe Captivate 6 Enhancement Pack
Watch a Screencast that demonstrates the integration of the Enhancement Pack and Adobe Captivate 6.

Demo Version

We’ve packaged a demo version of the Enhancement Pack so you can install it and try out the features. The demo version of the Enhancement Pack is limited to 1 color from our color scheme and a limited sample of files from each of the element categories (captions, backgrounds, buttons, icons, sounds, etc).
Requirements: Adobe Captivate 6 32-bit, Windows XP, Vista, 7

Adobe Captivate Enhancement Pack Demo for Windows
Why Use the Enhancement Pack?

You can view a quick Tour of the Enhancement Pack to see for yourself. But here’s a quick list of benefits the Enhancement Pack can provide you:

Professionalism. The Enhancement Pack design elements can improve the overall look of your Captivate projects and dramatically increasing the visual impact of your presentations. The design elements Captivate includes in the default installation are functional, but suffer from poor visual appeal.
Usability. Have you ever thought your text captions did not stand out from the other design elements or system screens behind them well enough? Our color scheme provides 11 vibrant colors that improves the contrast within your slides. Your end-users will appreciate the impact of the Enhancement Pack can make.
Consistency. Let’s say you want to use our green color scheme. At your fingertips you’ll have pre-built backgrounds, captions, a custom control bar, squares, numbers, circles, icons, numbers, bullets… etc. all using the exact same color.
Creativity. Without having some of these design elements available, you might not have thought about providing certain features for your end-users. For example – by placing the included numbers next to a series of form fields that the user will enter data into, you provide the user with a visual reference that reinforces your instructions.
Efficiency. All of our design elements integrate directly into the standard menus and property dialogs within Captivate – allowing you to steamline your workflow and development cycles.

Our products are licensed on per-developer basis. If you have multiple developers we offer volume discounts as outlined below.

Price: $79.95
Developer Licenses for Enhancement Pack: *
Single Developer, $79.95
5 Developer License (10% Discount), $359.75
10 Developer License (25% Discount), $719.50
Unlimited Developers, $1,200.00
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Lifetime License

All of our products now include a free lifetime license. You purchase the product once, and you’re entitled to free upgrades to each version we release. Worried about upgrading to Captivate 5 or 6? Well don’t – we’ll provide a free upgrade to you.

Version History

Version Date Release Notes
1.0 02/24/2007
Initial release for Captivate 1.
1.5 02/24/2009
Upgrade for Captivate 2.
Improved integration of media into Captivate’s menu’s to streamline editing.
Added additional media elements to library.
2.0 02/25/2009
Upgrade for Captivate 3.
Increased colors in color scheme from 9 to 11.
3.x/4.x 06/23/2009
Upgrade for Captivate 4.
Added SWF playback control bars to library.
Added textures
Added icons with full color.
5.0 8/23/2010
Upgrade for Captivate 5.
Added additional captions, backgrounds, sounds, buttons, icons.
Added support for Windows 7 and Apple OS 10.x
5.5 6/2/2011
Upgrade for Captivate 5.5
6 7/11/2012
Upgrade for Captivate 6
New Backgrounds, Bulelts, Media Frames.
Added category: “Callout Boxes”
Removed “Misc” folder
Instruction Guide updated.